What is PITME™ Labs?

PITME™ Labs is a 3 week acceleration program for Middle Eastern startups in Silicon Valley. Teams will receive expert training in different aspects of their business, including product development, UX/UI design, marketing, business modeling, customer acquisition strategies, funding, and much more.

Each day a minimum of three mentors will engage with participants to guide them through their entrepreneurial journey of increasing revenue, growing their companies, raising money and better managing long-term partnerships.



Who Should Apply?

Growth stage startups, that are past the seed funding stage, are encouraged to apply. PITME’s goal is to accelerate teams from the region that have already gone through a local program and have some traction, a product, and potentially some revenue.

These teams are seeking a Silicon Valley experience to learn how to build a better business, gain inspiration from The Valley’s unique ecosystem, and get introduced to our extensive network of mentors and advisors. Doors will open for our alumni to potential board members, respected business advisors or even potential acquirers of companies from the Middle East region.


What will the teams receive through the PITME™ Labs experience?

Accommodations: PITME™ will provide housing in Silicon Valley for the duration of the program.

Co-working Space: Silicon Valley is known for being the innovation hub of the world because of its collaborative culture in regards to business ideas and the skillful execution of companies in the area at scaling and growing their operations. Emerging from a desire for camaraderie among budding entrepreneurs seeking atypical working environments, co-working spaces have become a powerful trend for the up and coming generation of tech leaders. Instead of housing only the employees from the same corporation, co-working spaces offer a communal office environment with opportunities for networking and lead generation.

Teams will get the opportunity to work and network in The Valley’s popular co-working spaces such as Connections SF, Rocket-space, Runway, Next Space, and Nest GSV. We guarantee that these types of knowledge sharing communities can spark innovation and breed new levels of products.

coworkingMentoring: We want to share our vast network of successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, angels, investors, techies, and product professionals. We have experienced mentors who have committed to 2-3 hours of team mentorship on everything from product, UX/UI design, customer acquisition strategies, and funding advice to business growth and scalability. Check out the list of Mentors we have lined up for you.

Acceleration Workshops: The PITME™ Labs program is designed around a loose curriculum of topics that enable participating teams to be the next generation of market leaders in their respective markets. Topics include product front-end / back-end techniques, business model and revenue planning, cost efficiency tactics, customer acquisition strategies, investment options, funding and much more.

Networking Events: Networking events are an integral part of doing business in the Bay Area. The PITME™ experience promises companies maximum exposure to key stakeholders in The Valley over their month long stay. Attendance at conferences and meet-ups are a great way to build the connections and networks that will then turn into successful business partnerships and relationships. Our teams will get access to a number of top startup events, networking opportunities and conferences, and our program will include discounted and free tickets for popular events.


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Media Partnerships: PITME™ has built successful media partnerships that will be showcasing the Middle Eastern talent we are bringing to Silicon Valley. We will be providing our teams with the chance to reach an American audience through regional and national news channels.

What is different about PITME™ Labs?: PITME™ Labs is designed to be an accelerator of accelerators. There are many great programs in the Middle East that do an excellent job of getting the ball rolling. We are here to be the next stage and bridge a connection to Silicon Valley. The goal of our program is to mentor, educate, and provide the resources necessary for building a successful business. Our dream is to spark a flow of education and mentorship that will have a trickle effect throughout the ecosystem in the Middle East and inspire more entrepreneurs to start their businesses.